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Sense6 Adult Cat Oral Care 400g

Sense 6 is a revolutionary food that is GUARANTEED to please even the fussiest of felines!

Sense 6 Oral has been made using the science of Neurocuisine. This special diet is designed to work with all the senses a cat has, to ensure maximum palatability alongside meeting all their nutritional needs. Catering to all these senses will enhance a cat’s special sixth sense: the TASTE of smell.

Our clever cats choose their food source via this sixth sense, they are highly attuned to seek out high quality meat protein and fat in their foods. This diet caters perfectly to this special ability by including high levels of digestible dried meat, healthy chicken fat and Salmon Oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. The addition of the mineral Sodium Hexametaphosphate helps to bind excess calcium and prevent plaque and tartar building up on the tooth surface.Keeping your cat’s teeth healthy and strong!

So, for a groundbreaking, healthy and tasty diet guaranteed to excite all your cat’s senses look no further.

Sense6 Adult Cat Oral Care 400g

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