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OGGS Aquafaba Egg Substitute 200ml

For making and baking! 4 eggs equivalent. Powered by plants. Low kcal, fat free, no added sugar. Suitable for vegans.Hooray for making a difference! Not only can you make amazingly tasty recipes with OGGS® Aquafaba, but when you use an OGG you save an egg (whoop!). This means, you give chickens some time off & eventually they won't need to work at all. This is really important for barn and cage hens and those living in a free range community who don't actually get the change to roam free. Our plant powered egg substitute is made from liquid chickpea extract Use OGGS® Aquafaba to make... Cookies, cakes, ice cream, mayo, dressings, brownies, doughnuts, buns, muffins and so much more

    OGGS Aquafaba Egg Substitute 200ml


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