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Odysea Feta Sheep & Goat's Milk 120g

PDO Feta Cheese Made in Greece with Sheep & Goat's Milk

2013 World Cheese Awards - bronze. Great taste 2013. Suitable for vegetarians.Made according to traditional methods with sheep & goat's milk and sourced from the Roussas Dairy in Thessaly central Greece, an area acclaimed for the production of superior category Feta and awarded PDO status. The mountainous region of Thessaly provides free ranging herds with a huge variety of grass and wild herbs that are unique to the area, the aroma of which is evident in the milk they produce. It is this rich biodiversity combined with special breeds of sheep that give the Feta it's distinctive flavour. World Cheese Award winner - Bronze 2013. Great Taste Award winner - 2013 where the judges commented ?A delightfully creamy, fresh feta. It has a delicious tangy flavour with good length and not a hint of bitterness'

    Odysea Feta Sheep & Goat's Milk 120g

    • Made with Pasteurised Sheep & Goat's Milk

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