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Innocent Plus Juice Rays & Shine 750ml

A Blend of Fruit Juices, Yellow Pepper Juice, Coconut Water & Turmeric Infusion+ Vitamin D & Iron

Source of Vitamin D. Gives You Some Sunshine. Extra burst of goodness. Pasteurised. Suitable for vegans.Source of vitamin D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

                      Innocent Plus Juice Rays & Shine 750ml


                      • 4 1/2 Pressed Apples (68%), Coconut Water (12%), A Splash of Pressed Pineapple (8.9%) , 3/4 of a Crushed White Guava, A Dash of Pressed Yellow Pepper (3%), 1/2 of a Crushed Passion Fruit (1.6%), A Squeeze of Lime, A Dash of Turmeric Extract (0.48%), Some Vitamin D & Iron

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