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Innocent Apple & Mango Juice 900 ml

Apple & Mango Juice

Apples are delicious, mangoes are delicious, so guess what we've gone and done? That's right. We've made a mighty tasty juice out of the pair of them. 7 apples & 1/2 crushed mango. - it's never concentrated - blend of 8 apples & 1/2 crushed mango in every 900ml carafe - 1 portion of fruit in every 150ml serving

        Innocent Apple & Mango Juice 900 ml

        • 7 Pressed Apples (93%), 1/2 Crushed Mango (7%) and a Dash of Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)**Squashed into every bottle, ** It stops the Apples going brown. No one likes brown apples

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