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Appointment Cancellation

When you book your service, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other customers. In order to be respectful of your fellow customers, please send us an email  before 24 hours of your booking date  or as soon as you know you will not be able to make your service to re book it again 

If cancellation is necessary, we require from you an email in advance.  Booking are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another customer  access to that service booking  on the time .

How to Cancel Your Service Booked

If you need to cancel your appointment, send us an email between office hours  9am to 5pm, should be best before 24 hours your booking service had done to avoid any cancelation fee. If necessary, you may leave a detailed message. We will return a confirmation email cancellation booking as soon as possible.

Fee Cancellation term for  Your Service Booked

  • Free cancellation until 24 hours before your service booking had done, (time shown in the confirmation email). 

  • Customers can cancel up to 24 hours before service booking  and get a full refund. 

  • Any cancellation after 24 hours your service booking had done,  has a charge of 50% fee applied on your service booking amount.

Fee Cancellation term for  Your Service Booked

We send refunds immediately upon cancellation confirmation email and they usually show up within 3-5 working days, on the same way had the payment was made,  but sometimes it takes as long as 15 days before they reflect on the original payment method. We will be constantly monitoring your case during the refund time process.  

Circumstances that require special review

Natural disasters, terrorist activity, and civil/political unrest that prevent that our team from travelling to or from the destination, or that make it unsafe to do the services .


Epidemic disease or illness that suddenly affects a region or an entire group of people. This doesn’t include existing diseases that are associated with an area. Any updates to our policy regarding the outbreak of a disease, and the scope of policy application, will be determined based on announcements by the World Health Organization and local authorities.


Travel restrictions imposed by a government, law enforcement agency, or military that restrict travel to or from the listing or experience location.


Safety and security threat advisories issued for the listing or experience location or the customer or our team office departure location.


Essential utility outages that affect the listing or experience location.


What to do next

If you’ve confirmed your circumstance meets the requirements above, first cancel your service Booking . If your reservation falls under a recognised extenuating circumstance, you’ll be notified that your reservation qualifies for a penalty-free cancellation, and you’ll get a full refund if you’re a customer.


If your reservation doesn't qualify automatically, continue cancelling your reservation and then contact us to file a claim. We’ll walk you through the next steps, which will include submitting any required documentation and waiting for our team to review your case. Claims must be submitted within 14 days of cancellation.

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